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Disruptive Policies, Practices, & Initiatives 4 Disruptive Women

Black Women* face a 90% wealth gap, even though they are the largest growing demographic of entrepreneurs.

Ewulomi Works is...

A social impact consultancy focused on advancing disruptive policies and initiatives that uplift and improve the lives of black women, girls, and gender-expansive youth and adults. 

We are on the frontlines for the ones who are on the frontline for everyone else.

Our Issue Areas

We work to see sustainable systemic, social, and communal change for Black women, girls, and gender-expansive youth and adults in the following areas. 

Economic Advancement

We are closing the 90% wealth gap that Black women experience by increasing their access to resources and support and eliminating scarcity mindsets and approaches.

The Carceral System

We are transforming the narrative around incarceration to center the voices and experiences of Black women, girls, and gender-expansive youth and adults while also eliminating its negative impact on them.


We are cultivating equitable learning environments for Black girls and gender-expansive youth that center their joy, peace, curiosity, and creativity. We are creating spaces that affirm their existence.

We curate virtual and in-person events and communal spaces for Black women, girls, and gender-expansive youth and adults to just be.  

Safe Space Creation


We are fighting for a world where Black women, girls, and gender-expansive youth and adults are fully seen, heard, and cared for in the medical, wellness, and mental health fields.

What We do...

We stand on the shoulders of giants and continue their work through the following services.


Space Creation

Events & Series



Campaigns & Speaking



Purpose & Business


Policy & Research

Reports & Initiatives


Facilitation & Strategic Planning

Coalitions & Round Tables



Youth & Adult

"I Am, Was, And Always Will Be A Catalyst For Change"

-Shirley Chisholm

Who We Are

marsheda patrice headshot

Hi Team!! I'm Marsheda Patrice, Esq. I'm the Founder and CEO of Ewulomi Works. As a former English Teacher, policy attorney, and forever social justice advocate, I got tired of asking the same question in staff meetings and policy tables, "What are we doing for our black girls," and being met with blank and confused stares. It was either blank stares or outright opposition. It was as if it personally offended people that I dared to consider centering Black women. In my true DisRUPtor form, I built an audacious organization dedicated to centering Black women, girls, and gender-expansive youth and adults.


Beyond passion, I have a track record of working collaboratively to achieve the seemingly impossible. I was a key strategist, legal mind, and organizer who aided Chicago-based community organizations in passing a landmark ordinance that created a Community Commission to oversee Chicago Police Department policy and key structural decisions. I worked with formerly incarcerated scholars, professors, students, and passionate community leaders to create and implement a long-term legislative strategy to expand higher education in prison within Illinois. In high school, I wrote, directed, and produced the first fully student-led production in Michigan. I was the first in my immediate family to graduate college (University of Michigan) and law school (Northwestern Pritzker School of Law). From middle school to law school I graduated among the top students in my class.  


I could continue; however, the point of listing my work is to demonstrate my life has been a series of uphill battles that people have discouraged me from fighting. This organization and its focus is no different. Still, like the rest of my resume, the work will be done and done well because the charge is too important. 

Interested in learning how to partner in this work because change takes collaboration? Lets find time to chat. 

Marsheda Patrice, Esq. 

Founder & CEO

"My life changed when I realized that we are the table, the room, we are where IT happens."

Marsheda Patrice, Esq.

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