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Marsheda Patrice, Esq. Social Impact Entrepreneurship Consulting Non Profit Consulting

Vision a

Transform how you work to have lasting impact

Meet Marsheda Patrice, Esq. 

Lawyer | Teacher | Strategist | Speaker Disruption Specialist

Hi Team!! I'm Marsheda Patrice, Esq. and I'm the Founder and CEO of Ewulomi Works. I'm the most non-lawyerly lawyer that you will ever meet. I'm personable and love helping mission-minded people and organizations navigate the problems associated with growing, revamping, or starting from scratch. 

Ewulomi Works is a consultancy that specializes in supporting mission-minded businesses and advocacy organizations to solidify their organizational identity, build people power, improve their messaging, and deepen their community engagement. We do this work by providing a hybrid of professional development/education and detailed strategy coaching.

As a values-driven business owner or organization, it's important that you work with a company that understands the challenges of disrupting systems and becoming the blueprint for change that you want to see in your community while also desiring financial freedom to ensure sustainability and peace of mind. If that's you, you are in the right place. ​

Marsheda Patrice, Esq. Social Impact Entrepreneurship Consulting Non Profit Consulting

What We Do

We are a consultancy that provides business coaching, organizational consulting, and professional developments to nonprofit leaders, social impact entrepreneurs, educators, and coalitions focused on fostering equitable communities.

How Can We Help You?


Professional Development:

I need fun and useful learning experiences to provide to my staff or I am an individual who is new to business and leadership and want support

We provide virtual trainings and retreat-style learning experiences, on the following topics: organizational development/identity, public speaking, communication, advocacy, and community building.


Business Coaching:

I need help starting a business, launching an idea, or bettering my org!

We help new business owners and individuals find their lane, create business plans, and support them in executing action steps.


Org Strategy:

My organization needs help, but we don't know where to start!

We help organizations issue spot and gather the information necessary for long-term foundational documents like strategic plans, handbook policies, memorandums of understanding, and more.


Advocacy Cohorts:

We are activating the next generation of leaders.

We partner with foundations, nonprofits, and interested agencies to graduate advocacy cohorts through our Disruptive Academy. We train leaders in the areas of community organizing, strategy & negotiation, business & innovation, the anatomy of a campaign, and effective storytelling.  


Public Speaking:

I am looking for a seasoned Speaker who can inspire and teach attendess.

Marsheda Patrice, Esq. is 

a licensed policy attorney and strategist who has figured out how to bring her full self to her profession while building a successful advocacy career. 

Through speaking and education, she helps unapologetic individuals disrupt power structures in their favor and spread awareness about the issues we all should care about.



I'm not sure what I need. Help!

Schedule a free 15 min discovery call and we will connect with the appropriate resources. 

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Why Ewulomi Works?

Joel-Rodriguez SWOP community organizer Ewulomi Works

Joel Rodriguez, Board President Director, GoodKids MadCity Englewood

Marsheda provided some vital resources and support to guide our organization in developing a strategic plan. Her expertise and facilitation throughout the whole process were incredible. She has deep knowledge about organizational structure, leadership, and how to incorporate each participant's voice and ideas to build a final product.

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Marsheda Patrice, Esq. Social Impact Entrepreneurship Consulting Non Profit Consulting

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