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Assisting Black Women* with their ideas

Starting a business or taking that leap of faith and finally starting on that idea that you have had for years is difficult. Let us help you. We partner with Black women* to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. We are often the first to trailblaze a path and our journey to entrepreneurship is unique and often involves a high degree of spiritual healing simultaneously. We offer a hybrid of purpose and business coaching because it is necessary for us.

We meet you wherever you are in your journey. For those who want regular support, we offer monthly coaching subscriptions. For those who need periodic check-ins single session drop-ins.

Schedule a free discovery call to see how we can best support you.

"It has been a blessing to connect with Marsheda/Ewulomi Works for business coaching. Prior to our sessions, I had little insight in how to proceed with starting my business.  Today, I have greater confidence and clarity in becoming an entrepreneur and identifying the best strategies for my business. I am so grateful for Marsheda's passion to help support and encourage me on this journey."

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