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Org Strategy & Development

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Marsheda Patrice Esq Social Impact Entrepreneurship Consulting Non Profit Consulting

Organizational Strategy & Development

Community work is unique and requires a hybrid of community organizing experience, legal and policy acumen, the ability to increase an organization's internal capacity, and be deeply immersed in an organization's culture.  We are flexible and specialize in helping mission-oriented organizations create and implement creative solutions to complex social and economic issues that the communities they serve face. From policy and legal support to overall organizational strategy, we are a one-stop shop for your organizational needs. We not only issue spot, but also curate the solutions. 

"Marsheda is one of the best, if not the best consultant I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She understands how to assess our team's strengths and growing points and use it to paint an all-encompassing picture on how we can be better. I just really appreciate the humanity she brought to her work! She is inspiring and super authentic in her approach."

Akeem Soyan, Co-Executive Director, Circles & Ciphers


Strategic Planning

Strategic Plans are core in documenting the organization's identity and forecasting the areas of growth for years to come.

  • Our plans are generated through a collaborative process with board and staff members that empowers them to lead in envisioning the organization's future

  • We work intentionally with leadership to ensure the strategic plan is a living document that informs intentional decision-making

  • Embedded in our strategic planning process are various workshops on organizational identity and development as well as business strategy and culture building

Long-term Strategic Consulting

Organizations have the option of keeping us on retainer to have around-the-clock strategy support

  • We become immersed in the organization's work and provide a variety of support that are as follows but are not limited to:

    • Issue Spotting and Creative Problem-Solving 

    • Support launching projects and coalitions

    • Strategic Planning

    • Leadership Coaching

    • Curated professional developments for staff and leadership

    • Policy review and drafting

    • Provide lasting frameworks and decision-making metrics that support intentional program growth and maintenance

    • Retreat facilitation as necessary

Organizational Audits

We audit an organization by conducting an interactive and extensive SWOT analysis. We do this to ensure an organization's strengths and areas of opportunity are identified. This helps us create aligned strategies that support organizational growth and accurately address an organization's challenges.

  • We produce a report with detailed recommendations that outline suggested next steps to advance the organization's development.

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