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From Theory to Practice: Learning Experiences that You Can Apply

Learning Experiences that You Can Apply

We are not your conventional facilitators. Our learning experiences not only promote new skills but also ensures that attendees leave with deliverables and strategies that can be applied promptly to their work. The spaces we create leave room for practice with expert feedback, question and answer, and personality. Curating this space supports individuals and organizations in having an experience that meets them where they are while supporting them in getting to where they desire to be.   

Immersive Learning Retreats

We provide in-person community & power-building coursework through our Disruptors' Academy. The academy has multiple tracts that include: Entrepreneurship, Community Activation & Mobilization, Org Strategy, Negotiations, and Power Messaging.

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Org Development and Entrepreneurship Professional Developments

Social Impact Entrepreneurship & Nonprofit
Professional Developments

We provide in-person and virtual trainings to individuals and organizations.  Our workshops focus on the core components of a lean organization, organizational identity, strategy, and negotiation.  

Messaging and Public Speaking Trainings

Understanding how to tell your organization's story to various audiences is key in garnering financial and social support for your work. We guide participants in creating talking points for their organization using powerful personal stories to uplift their work. We also ensure that attendees get practice with expert feedback to improve their message delivery, be it a speech, an interview, an informational video, or a social media post. 

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Advocacy & Building People Power Facilitations

Are you a policy person looking to support community organizing work? Are you an organization looking to expand your community engagement and activation capacity? We provide workshops on the strategy and equity of organizing as it relates to policy and identity. 


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