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Knowing your organization's identity is the key to crafting an effective strategy. We help organizations and business leaders find their individual identities, generate goals that support that identity, and think creatively about acting on those goals. We support in a number of ways. Let us know how we can support you.

Strategic Planning

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We guide social justice organizations through a satisfying strategic planning process that allows the organization to act with clarity and strategy. We also conduct organizational audits to pinpoint your org's pain points and areas of growth.



We are activating effective changemakers and disruptive organizations. We provide workshops on effective storytelling for change, strategy 101, negotiation, organizational identity, and much more. We also curate workshops that meet your specific needs. 

Public Speaking


 We conduct keynotes and participate in panels on a variety of topics related to business innovation, social justice, and systemic change to inspire future advocates and business leaders.

Download Marsheda's CV Here.

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Akeem Soyan, Co-Executive Director, Circles & Ciphers

Marsheda is one of the best, if not the best consultant I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She understands how to assess our team's strengths and growing points and use it to paint an all-encompassing picture on how we can be better. I just really appreciate the humanity she brought to her work! She is inspiring and super authentic in her approach.

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Pheonix, AZ | Chicago, IL | Lansing, MI 

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