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Marsheda Ewulomi

Teacher | Lawyer | Strategist | Speaker | Creative



Greater Pheonix, AZ

Where I've Spoken...

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Work Experience

January 2022 - Present
Greater Pheonix, AZ
Chicago, IL
Lansing, MI

Sept 2018 - Dec 2021
Chicago, IL

Sept 2012 - June 2015
Metro Washington D.C.
Lansing, MI

Full-time Entrepreneurship: 

  • She-Verse LLC: (began 2018) In-person workshops and events on self-discovery, community, purpose, & power for women and girls.

  • She-Versity LLC: Virtual learning and coaching on self-discovery, community, purpose, & power for women.

  • Ewulomi Works LLC: Strategy & support for organizations and aspiring business leaders.

Law and Policy: 

  • Police Accountability: Provide policy, strategic, and legal support to a diverse coalition of community organizations to eventually landmark pass civilian oversight ordinance (Empowering Community for Public Safety) over the Chicago Police Department.

  • Criminal Justice Reform (Transformation): Advocacy to close prisons and expand access to higher education in prison. 

  • Public Housing: Enforcement of Gautreaux Settlement agreement against Chicago Housing Authority to ensure non racial discriminatory housing development and building.


  • Teach for America English Teacher: 

    • Lead 7th-grade team teacher & dance coach

    • 10th-grade teacher & African Student Association Sponsor

  • Academic & Behavioral Interventionist: Coached teachers, and completed push-in and pull-out for select students, Aftercare coordinator, dance coach, and led a mentoring group for 7th and 8th-grade girls.

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