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about us


Ewulomi Works is a social impact consultancy that aspires to actualize freedom by advancing disRUPtive policies and initiatives that uplift and improve the lives of Black women, girls, and gender-expansive youth and adults in five core areas: economic advancement, the carceral system, education, safe space creation, and health.

We are fighting for a world where black women, girls, and gender-expansive youth and adults feel loved, seen, valued, and heard.  We know our fight is complex and therefore requires a multi-pronged strategy that intentionally influences culture, as well as systems. Our campaigns, programs, events, merch, partnerships, trainings, research, advocacy, and collaborations will embody this truth. Furthermore, it will take more than Black women, girls, and gender-expansive people to get this necessary work done. It will take true light warriors who understand that none of us are free and until we all are. If you go hard for Black women, girls, and gender-expansive people, then there is a place for you and/or your organization to connect to our work.


As an organization, we commit to the following:


  • Economic Advancement – We are closing the 90% wealth gap that Black women experience by increasing their access to resources and support and eliminating scarcity mindsets and approaches.

  • Transforming the Carceral System – We are transforming the narrative around incarceration to center the voices and experiences of Black women, girls, and gender-expansive youth and adults while also eliminating its negative impact on them.

  • Equitable Education – We are cultivating equitable learning environments for Black girls and gender-expansive youth that center their joy, peace, curiosity, and creativity. We are creating spaces that affirm their existence.

  • Safe Space Creation – We curate virtual and in-person events and communal spaces for Black women, girls, and gender-expansive youth and adults to gather and just be.

  • Embedding Care into Healthcare - We are fighting for a world where Black women, girls, and gender-expansive youth and adults are fully seen, heard, and cared for in the medical, wellness, and mental health fields.

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Marsheda Patrice, Esq.

Founder & CEO

Marsheda Patrice-Olubunmi Ewulomi, Esq. is a licensed attorney and businesswoman who marries her love of teaching, storytelling, and strategy to build people power. A Lansing, Michigan native, Marsheda Patrice graduated with Distinction from the University of Michigan in 2012 with a BA in English and African and African American Studies. She received her JD Cum Laude from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. While in law school, Marsheda Patrice became a trained restorative justice practitioner and focused her studies on civil rights advancement, negotiation, and advocacy.

As an attorney, Marsheda Patrice has successfully worked alongside community organizers, and various system stakeholders to enact change through policies and issue campaigns related to police accountability, higher education in prison, reentry, and public housing. Prior to law school, Marsheda Patrice taught secondary English in Washington, D.C., as a Teach for America Corps member and later worked as an Academic and Behavioral Interventionist at Mid-Michigan Leadership Academy in Lansing, Michigan (the middle school she once attended and graduated from).

As the daughter of immigrants, and great-great-granddaughter of sharecroppers, Marsheda Patrice moves with a sense of purpose to ensure that the perspectives she represents and those with the least access to power inform her work. 

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OUR Values

We believe disrRUPtive change happens at the intersection of culture, creativity, policy, and strategy. ​Our values embody these principles:


We are change agents who intentional interruption and transform existing legal, social, political, and economic structues for black women and girls.*


We recognize that process matters. We curate space that permits every story to matter while acknowledging power dynamics that may be silencing. Our wins also feel like wins. 


We are who we say are and we do what we say we do. Walking in authenticy is a must and the only way we know how to do it.

Radical Love

We are not sacrificing our minds, bodies, and spirits for the movement we will love and be loved in our process.

Unapologetic Joy

We have fun as we disRUPt and we do not apologize for being multilayered beings who can both draft policy and utilize our Meg knees (IYKYK).


We are free people. We are fighting for a world that acknowledges and affirms this liberation, but we are never limited. Maybe paused, but not stopped.

Intergenerational Possibility

We build on the work of our elders and ancestors while also being in collaboration across time and age spectrums.

Multipronged Strategy

We believe in doing what it takes to be effective. The problems are complex and must be attacked from various angles, so our work does the same.


We respect and revere the practices of our ancestors and recognize that sharing our life's truth is not only liberating but necessary to our survival. So we are intentional about the stories tell and the voices we uplift.

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